Dating and Waiting: Looking for Love After Loss

Dating and Waiting: Looking for Love After Loss

Published Nov 18, 2022

By Becky Allen

33 and widowed.

Something I never thought would be part of my story. I found love at a young age and skipped over the whole dating scene. I never imagined I’d be in the dating pool in my mid 30s after my husband Daryn passed away.

I am absolutely, 100% the anti expert in dating but I hope that my experiences can provide the same survival guide of sorts that others have given me. Dating has been nothing like what I expected it to be. I remember feeling so clueless and awkwardly learning my way through the world of dating apps, first dates and meeting new people.

It’s been hard (like really hard) but also a crash course in learning so much about myself, what I was really looking for and trusting God with the outcome (that last one has been real tricky if I’m being honest…).

In this (vulnerable) episode I talk about:

– What I learned from my marriage to Daryn and how it kept my heart open to love again
– Navigating dating apps and awkward first dates
– Overcoming heart ache when things aren’t as they seem
– Lonely nights and feeling left behind
– Guarding your heart in the waiting
– The check list of what I finally learned to look for
– What 90 days of surrender taught me and led me to (hint…who it led me to 😉 )

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