Hi Ladies,

Would you like to volunteer for Known 2024? We would love to work with you! Whether you have the gift of hospitality, and organization, love to pray with others or just love tidying up we have a spot for you. We also need help getting the word out, join the street team.


Check out the job descriptions below and then click here to sign up! If you have any questions please or want to volunteer contact us at [email protected]



— Courtney, Known Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer Teams Descriptions:

  • Come to the office to get the welcome bags ready and help assemble other items. 
  • Get the word out to women’s leaders, businesses, churches, and universities by bringing poster and church bulletin inserts.
  • Create an environment where people feel welcome and excited to worship together.
  • Gather giveaways- tissue, snacks, chocolate, water, etc. 
  • Bags for speakers and decorations/food for hospitality room for speakers. 
  • Take tickets and welcome individuals. 
  • Conference giveaways and packets. 
  • Answer questions of attendees.
  • Setting up a stage and sound, lights, cameras, etc.
  • Keep the area orderly and clutter-free.
  • Help with the odds and ends that are needed to make the event a success.
  • Direct vehicles to the parking area.
  • Welcomes guests as they enter with a smile on your face! 
  • Hold signs that welcome guests.
  • Set-up, organize and clean the Known merchandise area.
  • Handle sales and keep merchandise presentable.
  • Handles prayer and praise requests 
  • Prays daily for needs of Speakers
  • Prays for weather, participants, and facilities
  • Arranges a pre-event prayer gathering
  • Provides counseling/prayer during the conference
  • Come ahead of time and get food ready for event.
  • Prep food ahead of time and during the event.

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