Life Springs Forth

Published Mar 30, 2021

By Susie Larson on Feb 25, 2021 05:20 pm May you celebrate the invisible changes taking place in your soul. When you pray, when you trust, when you love and when you forgive, the soil changes, seeds break open, and eventually life springs forth. Don’t underestimate the power of your obedience in this season. Don’t […]

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Balance, Boundaries & Bandwidth

Published Mar 25, 2021

By Courtnaye Richard Have you ever felt like you needed to get your life in order? Have you ever felt stretched, overextended, exhausted, or like you bit off more than you could chew? If you’re feeling any one of these emotions right now, let’s talk about balance, boundaries, and bandwidth today (or tonight, depending on […]

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Sex Before Dinner

Published Mar 23, 2021

By Judy Episcopo  “How do you handle if you work hard long hours and all your husband wants is sex when you get home?” As a wife of 38 years, try answering that one in front of a church-going crowd. It didn’t help that a mom and her two kids got up and walked out […]

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Published Mar 16, 2021

By Courtney Corrente  “No.” It’s a complete sentence. This is just one of the many paramount bites of wisdom my father has shared with me in my time on this earth. Between my father’s spiritual, physical, and mental strength, he offers an undeniable ethos to this phrase that only deepens the impact. Nevertheless, I have […]

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Biblical Hope

Published Mar 9, 2021

By Joyel Vandenboogart Optimism chooses to see how circumstances could work out for the best. What is Biblical hope? It is not based on circumstances, but rather the evidence at the end of the story. In the Bible, the Israel prophet Micah lived during injustice and evil but trusted and looked to God for his […]

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