What Are You Grateful For?

Published Nov 24, 2020

By Joyel Vandenboogart Don’t get caught up in the busyness that you forget to remember the JOYS and the things you are grateful for. This season has a lot of pulls, trying to get ready for the next party or zoom call. It is easy to complain about the negative things that 2020 has brought […]

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Do We Really Need Each Other?

Published Nov 11, 2020

By: Becky Kopitzke There’s an old riddle I’ve heard circulated in Christian circles for years. It asks, “Can you serve God without serving people?” Toss on your philosopher’s cap and you can debate this question ‘til your brain goes numb. But since I kind of like my brain to operate at full capacity, I prefer […]

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Mighty in God!

Published Oct 27, 2020

by Susie Larson Daily Blessing May you begin to see your setbacks as temporary, your delays as detours, and your heartbreaks as opportunities to experience God’s precious, powerful healing. May God give you glimpses of glory, insights into His excellent plan for you. The times we’re in are not a surprise to Him. He not […]

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Where did all the lessons go?

Published Oct 20, 2020

By Kim Aldrich A week into the quarantine, I knew something was wrong. Granted, the whole world was in shock and feeling overwhelmed, yet my amped-out thoughts had long since bypassed “overwhelmed” and careened their way toward full-on freak out. But why??? At first I wasn’t sure. Then it dawned. Oh no, oh no, oh […]

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Bee Sweet

Published Oct 13, 2020

By Tiffany Thompson   Art is such good therapy for me! While I’m creating, I’m meditating on amazing things about bees. They make sweet honey but they can also sting me.  I love the honey, but I hate the sting. They remind me of some people I know, and since you are also in this […]

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