Our God is bigger than anything.

Published Sep 22, 2020

By Tiffany Thompson   Today I stood under a giant tree & think how BIG it is compared to me.   It’s a bit like the global pandemic. Way too BIG for me to comprehend it.   There is more to this tree than I can see I’m happy to say that’s where I’ve found […]

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A More Redemptive Path

Published Sep 15, 2020

by Susie Larson Daily Blessing May you discern the difference between healthy boundaries and self-serving decisions. God did not give you a spirit of fear, but one of POWER, LOVE, and SOUND MIND. Yes, the days call for wisdom but they also call for love, sacrifice, and faith. What rogue thought pattern have you followed […]

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We have Christ in Common

Published Sep 8, 2020

by Beth Davis When I imagine the Apostles hanging out with Jesus, I picture them laughing raucously, slapping each other on the back, or maybe some are teasing the youngest disciples while others hang back to have deeper conversations and pray with those they encounter. But there’s one little descriptor in the list of the […]

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Psalm 29

Published Sep 1, 2020

by Judy Episcopo …The LORD sits enthroned over the flood; the LORD sits enthroned as king forever…” Psalm 29 describes something drastic that occurs in the country of Israel. This disaster alters the natural landscape with floods (vs.10), wind (vs.5), and fire (vs.7).  We may not have experienced floods, winds, or fire, but surely the […]

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God’s Up to Something

Published Aug 25, 2020

by Susie Larson Daily Blessing For God to do something NEW, He needs to interrupt you! We need to ask ourselves: Am I clinging too tightly to all the wrong things? We love our comfort; God prefers our faith. We love predictability; God invites us on an adventure. We want relief; God wants redemption. We […]

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