Christmas Angels — Big Whoopin’ Deal

Published Dec 14, 2023

By Joyel Vandenboogart  In the Christmas story, Jesus doesn’t exactly come on the scene with megaphoned announcers, lights blazing, and cheering crowds. He doesn’t storm in and take over. He slips in under the radar. There are those who did show up on that night with mysterious power and glory — the angels. They had […]

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How to Stop Struggling Through the Holidays

Published Dec 5, 2023

By Rachael Nitz  Sometimes the holidays just suck! Not everyone enjoys the holidays. Some people want to but find it hard.  Others have been stuck in a rut every holiday season which makes it that much worse every year.  And others still are suffering through mental health issues or the loss of a loved one […]

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Why Gratitude?

Published Nov 14, 2023

By Rachael Nitz  Gratitude is amazing! It affects aspects of your life you never would have thought.  Gratitude expression came into my life through a challenge and I didn’t actually think it would do what it did for me. Let’s be honest… I did it to win the free stuff (and I didn’t win the […]

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Boldly and Bravely Breaking Rules

Published Oct 24, 2023

By Gaye Lindfords Oh. My. I just spent two wonderful days in Green Bay at the Known Women’s Conference. The speakers, the worship led by Ayiesha Woods, the welcoming environment, and the Holy Spirit’s movement through every detail – it was beautiful. Such a joy to be with them. As I drove home to St. […]

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Pausing in Permissible

Published Oct 17, 2023

By Gaye Lindfors Have you had those days, weeks, or seasons where life seems wonky? Maybe you feel like this … … You’ve been invited to a dance party, you show up in a ballet tutu, and everyone else is doing the fox trot. … Someone forgot to tell you that the potluck was vegetarian […]

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