This One Choice Can Make or Break Your Year

Published Feb 2, 2021

By Becky Kopitzke I was mad. Hurt. Fed up. Over what? Oh, the usual. My husband—can’t he see I need some attention? My kids—why are they acting so entitled? Did I raise them to be this ungrateful?? My job—deadlines, expectations, stress, stress and more stress. WHEN CAN I CATCH MY BREATH?? It’s nothing new, right? […]

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Rejoice and Be Glad

Published Jan 19, 2021

By Joyel Vandenboogart This is the day that the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it. — Psalm 118:24 There were many seasons in my life that I had a hard time rejoicing. I only saw the struggle or the pain and didn’t cling to the promises of God. I know in […]

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God’s Desires or Mine?

Published Jan 12, 2021

By Joyel Vandenboogart Do you every have a hard time distinguishing between what is your desire or God’s? Lately I have been taking time to pray and ask God if this is of Him or if this is my desire. I really want to tap into his heart for me and where He is calling […]

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How to Invest in YOU 2021

Published Jan 5, 2021

By Becky Kopitzke 2020 has been crappy in lots of ways. I don’t need to list them all; you’ve lived it, too. But it has also been an awakening of sorts, to our rawest priorities and the soul’s craving for quiet, for relationships, for peace. My family has built a stack of precious and unexpected […]

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We refuse to let a virus steal our joy!

Published Dec 17, 2020

We refuse to let a virus steal our joy! By Tiffany Thompson We will choose to CELEBRATE the Savior of the World. I don’t want to diminish the disappointments that this pandemic has provided, but while we acknowledge we can’t choose what happens to us, let’s remember that we CAN choose how we respond. Let’s […]

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