Red Heart Leaves

Published Jun 2, 2020

By Tiffany Thompson It’s a miracle that LOVE so fierce, so powerful, so big, so strong can come to us so silently, so quietly, whispering to us in the wind and surprising us with beauty. The ages old scriptures offer us wisdom in the invitation to “be still and know He is God.” (Psalm 46:10) […]

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Memorial Day Blessing

Published May 25, 2020

By Susie Larson  May you step back from your everyday life and remember those who’ve paid the price so that you could live free. May you whisper a prayer for our military and their families and continually keep them in your prayers. May you look up and thank God for the blessing of freedom and […]

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When God gives you a haircut.

Published May 22, 2020

Since our stay at home order took effect in March, I have not been able to get my dog to the groomer. And you know what that means. Homemade haircuts for Fido. Actually his name isn’t Fido; it’s Prophet. The thing about my dog is he’s, uhhh, shall we say, spirited. He knows his own […]

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Morning Routine

Published May 12, 2020

By Jess Dennis I hope this day has been filled with sunshine, feelings of spring, & peace. I’m writing this to you from the happiness of a quiet office…for now… and looking forward to what this next week brings us. We’ve been continuing our routines as best we can, shifting and changing as necessary, but […]

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Have you forgiven yourself?

Published Apr 28, 2020

Forgive (v.) stop feeling angry or resentful toward (someone) for an offense, flaw, or mistake. This ‘forgiveness’ might be very hard to find these days. For some, there may be so much to be angry with or be angry at.  And while it may be the easiest to place blame on something or someone else […]

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