Bring It

Published Mar 1, 2022

By Tiffany Thompson  You are fearfully & wonderfully made in the image of our Awesome God!   Bring your WHOLE self to this party!   Bring your singleness, your marriedness, or your divorceness. (None of that defines your lovableness!)   Bring all your relationships that bless you & break you.   Bring your lazy & […]

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Baby Loss

Published Feb 22, 2022

WARNING: Vulnerable information is shared below.  Potential triggers possible. Read with caution.  By Amanda Popp Hmmm.  Let’s try here.  Nope. Maybe you have bowels in the way of finding the heartbeat.  I lay on the exam table of my OBGYN and felt a bit embarrassed that she told me I was “full of poop” and […]

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Breakthrough for Daniel & Moses

Published Feb 15, 2022

By Shelia Walsh Daniel and Moses were able to stand strong when everything around them was falling apart because they knew who they were—not their job assignments but their true identity. Although Daniel lived and worked in the palace of the king, he knew that he belonged to God, and nothing and no one could […]

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You Are Not Alone

Published Feb 8, 2022

By Amanda Popp You are not alone.  Four words that can be so easy to read. Four words that can be so hard to believe.  The lie starts out as slight whisper lurking around, finding the perfect time to jump out at you. The lie gets bolder as it sees itself winning the battle in […]

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Why Don’t You Settle In?

Published Feb 1, 2022

By Carissa VanDalen Have you ever noticed patterns in your life? In my teens and early twenties, I noticed a pattern that every two years a major change would come along. It could be a new job, new relationship, or a new primary hobby. Because I knew that pattern, when a two-year time period was […]

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