Morning Routine

Morning Routine

Published May 12, 2020

By Jess Dennis

I hope this day has been filled with sunshine, feelings of spring, & peace. I’m writing this to you from the happiness of a quiet office…for now… and looking forward to what this next week brings us.

We’ve been continuing our routines as best we can, shifting and changing as necessary, but finding the things that continue to enrich us, and keep this ship moving. One of those things, as I’ve said before, is our morning routine. I say ‘our’ as myself and my two oldest girls do this together as we all get ready for the day. This new life has been rewarding, hard, stressful, confusing, a blessing, and so much more – and through all of those ups and downs a morning routine is our constant. It truly IS the momentum under our sails.

It provides us a space to direct our day, instead of us only being able to react to it.

I am SO confident in you learning or even perfecting this practice, not only for now, but for your future.  For the times when you need direction, for when you can feel the days start to run you, when you just need the space and time to get back to YOU and what you love to do. These last few weeks, I’ve been able to pick up a paintbrush and find my creative soul again. It shouldn’t feel like ‘work’ all the time – your morning routine can be fun, refreshing, invigorating or calming.

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