Bring It

Bring It

Published Mar 1, 2022

By Tiffany Thompson 

You are fearfully & wonderfully made

in the image of our Awesome God!


Bring your WHOLE self to this party!


Bring your singleness, your marriedness, or your divorceness.

(None of that defines your lovableness!)


Bring all your relationships that bless you & break you.


Bring your lazy & your lovely self

your productive self & your party self


Bring your skinny jeans & your fat pants.


Bring your sad self & your celebrating self,

your laughter & your tears…    Just BRING IT!


Bring your faith & your doubts,

Bring your dreams & disappointments.


Bring your velvet self & your vices.


Bring your anger/your exhaustion/ your confusion 

& whatever else you’ve got because

God’s grace is bigger than all your mistakes

& He is here to HEAL you & BLESS you!


Papa God is going to gift you with His

wild lovedefiant joy outrageous hope Amazing Grace & profound peace!


I invite you to stop striving to get it all together & embrace this whole

puzzling process.


You’re delighted in & lavishly loved just as you are, so BRING IT!!

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