A Women’s Conference? No Thanks.

A Women’s Conference? No Thanks.

Published Oct 8, 2019

By Melani Romenesko

To be completely honest, up until a year ago that would have been my exact response (well maybe not even that polite). Women are hard. Hard to get to know and often hard to relate to because we are constantly comparing ourselves to others and where they are at, not only with their journeys, but physically with our appearances. We’re in a place societally where you can’t walk outside without hearing about feminism, female equality, women’s rights, just to name a few. So why in a world where we are so women positive are women still so hard towards one another? Why is there such a stigma around a women’s conference?

I’ve always been against going to women’s conferences, women’s retreats, women’s gatherings, really anything with the word women in the title. I don’t want to have to talk to people I don’t know about my feelings or my faith. Or about the person who just poured out her heart on stage. It’s not comfortable and it makes me anxious. So, why am I a part of planning a women’s conference now? Great question.

Well, about a year ago I was invited to a women’s conference and you can guess my response, if you can’t (see above with some whispered choice words). It was the last thing I wanted to spend my weekend doing. Sharing a hotel room with two people I knew and six that I had never met. Well my friend bought my ticket and I couldn’t say no to that, so I went, and this conference was life changing. It made me wish that all of my lady gang would’ve been there with me. I wished I could have weekends like this once a month to reignite my flame for Jesus and remind me of exactly why I wake up every day.

This conference and the women I get to work with everyday are my passion behind Known. I want every woman (no matter the age or denomination) to feel what I felt a year ago when I attended that conference. I want to have Known be a place where you don’t feel like you have to spill your guts to a stranger, but rather a weekend away with your friends to reconnect with each other and Jesus. I want you to see that every woman (no matter how put together they look) is a bit of a mess and Jesus brings us all together because He KNOWS us all completely.

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