He loves us! He isn’t punishing us, He’s pursuing us!

Published Apr 20, 2020

By: Tiffany Thompson Painting the image was a good way to sit with it awhile and ask what it means. Is His heart broken? Is the whole world broken? Is this world breaking His heart? I ask, and paint and wait for the answer.  But my mind has a hard time holding still. It wanders […]

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A Holy Remnant

Published Apr 15, 2020

By Susie Larson Daily Blessing You are chosen, loved and known in heaven. You are a royal priesthood; God’s own precious possession. May you be part of a remnant of Believers that rise up to be a healing balm to the world. Instead of canceling, may you invite, instead of attacking, may you intercede. instead […]

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Travel Lighter, Starting Now

Published Apr 7, 2020

By Susie Larson on Apr 05, 2020 03:48 pm Daily Blessing May you determine to travel lighter starting now. Refuse to pick up old baggage and bad habits when this crisis passes. March into your next season with clarity, purpose, and conviction. Be ruthless when the enemy taunts you with fear and anxiety; shut him […]

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A Replenishing Lifestyle

Published Mar 27, 2020

by Susie Larson on Mar 10, 2020 06:29 pm Daily Blessing May you cultivate a lifestyle that allows for times of replenishing rest, powerful prayer, and thoughtful consideration to what God is saying to you in this season. It’s not just healthy; it’s essential to step away from the chaos and the noise to give […]

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The Wonder of Small

Published Mar 12, 2020

By Susie Larson on Mar 02, 2020 07:39 pm Daily Blessing May you begin to cherish the wonder of small things: small seeds, baby steps, subtle shifts in perspective. When God is about to do something new, He starts small and speaks to those who are listening. Are you listening? Don’t underestimate the power of […]

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